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In 1986, at the conclusion of its theatrical run HOWARD THE DUCK was deemed a box office disaster. Not only was it a box office dud, $37 million total global box office against a $37 million production budget, but was deemed a massive creative misfire from George Lucas and one of the worst films of that year. In the ensuing decades, the film's reputation preceeded it yet it not only acquired fans but ardent defenders, as well.

HOWARD THE DOC OR: HOW I LEARNED TO START QUACKING AND LOVE THE BOMB introduces you to some of those fans, from all walks of life, and reacquaints you with the talented men & women who brought this cherished character to life.


This unused teaser trailer concept was put together in June 2019.  The teaser emulated the first teaser trailer for the Marvel Studios film AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.   In that trailer, Nick Fury's speech about the formation of the titular team was recited off-screen by members of the original Avengers.   

The narration for the concept teaser, read by director Ernie Trinidad but not meant to be the final voice-over, reworks Fury's speech to not only provide audiences with the story the duck documentary tells but also provide s viewers with a taste of the film's humor and tone, as well.

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